The Concept: Simple, straightforward and cost-effective legal and business advice, with a principal focus on what makes practical sense in the context of your venture’s current and future goals, and financial resources. Most enterprises are not suited for “BigLaw,” which can quickly erode your human and financial capital. You can trust us to navigate legal complexities efficiently and practically, freeing you up to make your enterprise dreams come true.

Our investment of expertise looks toward building a long-term strategic business partnership wherein mutual reward results from our clients’ growth and success.

Smart Start Law is a collaboration of innovative lawyers and business professionals, and offers a zeitgeist approach to sophisticated lawyering and practical business consulting. We recognize that managing a company’s start-up and growth in today’s global and virtual environments requires a unique combination of legal and business skills, and the mental agility to respond quickly to changing technologies and their impact on enterprise strategy. Having worked as General Counsel to one of the world’s most prominent venture capital firms, and senior counsel at two Fortune 500 corporate legal departments during her career, Smart Start Law founder, Paula Glass, Esq., understands first hand the critical importance of managing legal matters in context and with appropriate risk/reward analysis.

Just like any growing startup, when I engaged Smart Start Law, GolfMatch was bringing on investors, advisors, employees and brand ambassadors, all of whom needed to be on-boarded. As a first time entrepreneur, I was unfamiliar with the varying strategies. Paula provided invaluable guidance, allowing me to rest easy at night knowing the nuances and details I knew so little about were handled with care and precision.

Peter Kratsios

CEO, GolfMatch

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